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                IEEE-841 NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors

                    IEEE的英文№全稱是the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(美國電金烈氣電子工程師學會),其↑前身是成立於1884年的美國電氣工程卐師協會(AIEE)和成立於1912年的無線電◤工程師協會(IRE)。1963年,AIEE和IRE宣布合並,電氣電子工程師學會(IEEE)正黑執法瘋狂大咆哮一聲式成立了∞。
                    IEEE-841是針對石油和化學工業或其它嚴【苛用途電機的制造標準, 主要適〖用於高效(NEMA Premium)、全封閉風扇冷●卻(TEFC)、單速、多相鼠籠式感應電動機,1~500HP, NEMA機座143T以上。
                    TECO東元電機的AEHH8B系列低壓電機符合最新的IEEE 841-2009版要求,符合UL和CSA安全認證。


                Electrical Features

                Designed to meet NEMA MG-1, MG-13 and IEEE 841

                Stock available in 460V and 575V; other voltages available upon request

                Premium efficiency; meets or exceeds the requirements of EPACT '92 and Canadian Federal Efficiency Levels defined in CSA C390-93; Full load efficiency of all ratings is certified under the EEV Program of the CSA

                UL recognized Class F non-hygroscopic insulation system with HPE™ (High Pulse Endurance) index, heavy heat resistance enameled copper wire insures longer winding life and reliability

                CSA certified for Class 1, Division II, Group B, C and D with Temperature Code T3C

                Class B temperature rise, 80°C rise by resistance method at 1.0 S.F.; 90°C rise at 1.15 SF

                3 Leads solderless lug terminals

                Meets GM 7E-TA specifications

                Mechanical Features

                Bearing temperature rise is below 45°C for all 4P and 6P ratings; 50°C for all 2P motors

                Sound power levels are below 85 dBA providing quiet operation

                Full cast iron construction: frame,brackets, fan cover and conduit box with IP55 rated protection

                Frame provided with two threaded drain holes with drain plugs and a drilled and tapped hole for a ground lug

                Corrosion-resistant, cast iron conduit box has twice the volume required by NEMA. The conduit box is fully gasketed with NPT threaded conduit entry

                Regreaseable bearing construction with inner bearing caps prevent bearing contamination

                Non-sparking plastic or bronze fan

                All internal rotor, stator and shaft surfaces are cleaned and coated with moisture resistant varnish; Exterior is painted with zinc-chromate epoxy base with a blue finish

                Stainless steel hardware and nameplate

                Vibration will not exceed 0.08 inches per second

                Motors can be re-rated for 415, 400 and 380 volts at 50 HZ

                CSA and UL approved for Inverter Duty per NEMA MG1 Part 31, with speed range of 20:1 variable torque and 10:1 constant torque



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